For a year and a half of “Bank of skin. Burns treatment” social project functioning it has managed to safe 12 patients with deep burns. Organizers of the project plan to expand the possibilities of the project for provision of help for even greater number of suffered.

In particular, during 2015-2016 12 patients with deep burns of 43% of the body surface underwent restoration of skin within the project using cellular technologies. For that purpose 0.9 billion of cells or 12,8% from the bank of skin reserves of the medical company ilaya were used. Thus, Bank of skin still has 4.1 billion of cells to be used in future. Treatment was provided in Kyiv burn center headed by the professor Heorhii Kozynets.

“Currently, all the patients are feeling fine, they returned back to normal life. Treatment demonstrated high results, which can be clearly seen from our photo reports – says Oleksii Shershniov, the head of the “Bank of skin. Burns treatment” project. Thanks to the cellular technologies, the doctors managed to restore defected tissues of the patients in a quality manner and now sites of the burns are covered with derma instead of scars as it happens in similar injuries. And this means completely different quality of life. Moreover, cellular technologies practically save people`s lives restoring significant areas of skin.”

According to Oleksii Shershniov , this innovative project like other “Biotech rehabilitation of injured people” project also faced antagonism of number of public medical institutions believing that this is an experimental technology although it has been successfully used in the world for more than 10 years. In addition, due to specifics of treatment there arise great obstacles for realization of the project as burns can be treated exclusively in specialized burn centers.

“We are going to open separate medical division applying cells from Bank of skin for treatment of consequences of burns and major traumas when it is required to restore great areas of skin instead of scars. It will provide us with an opportunity to help even greater number of suffered”, emphasizes Oleksii Shershniov.

Project “Bank of skin. Burns treatment” was founded at the end of 2014 in order to create bank of skin for treatment of deep injuries of tissues using cellular technologies which provide an opportunity to restore great area of skin quickly and in a quality manner. Permanent reserve of the Bank of skin amounts to 5 billion of cells which may be used for restoration of 50 m² of skin in a short term. Participants of the project, medical company ilaya, providing gathering and cultivation of cellular material, Kyiv burn center where the patients are being treated, All-Ukrainian Center of Volunteers “People`s Project” providing funds raising. The greater donator of the project is “Darnytsia” Pharmaceutical company which contributed 800 000 UAH to the project. In the beginning of the 2015 the wife of the President of Ukraine Maryna Poroshenko voiced her support and provided personal patronage.

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