Working for a year and a half, the Skin Bank Social Project saved 20 victims, to whom treatment of severe burns and wounds that continued healing using cellular technology was performed. Today it is the most effective and innovative method of treatment in the world to help quickly restore damaged tissues, and in many cases even human lives.

Cellular material for such treatment was provided by the medical company of ilaya, and the direct treatment was performed by doctors Heorhii Kozynets (Kyiv City Burn Center) and Oleh Petrenko (Department of Surgery No. 2 of the O. O. Bohomolets National Medical University). Each patient had severe soft tissue damages which could lead to amputation or even death, but thanks to the Project, the patients received timely help and returned to normal life.

Skin Bank. Burns Treatment Project was established in late 2014 by the medical company of ilaya, which collects and cultivates cellular material and the People’s Project All-Ukrainian Center of Volunteers, which provides for the collection of funds. The project partners were the Kyiv City Burn Center and the Department of Surgery No 2 of the O. O. Bohomolets National Medical University. The greatest benefactor of the project is Darnytsia Pharmaceutical Firm, which donated 800 000 UAH to the Project. In early 2015 the First Lady of Ukraine Maryna Poroshenko expressed support for the Project and provided personal patronage.