In November 24 of the current year treatment results within project “Skin bank. Burns treatment”were presented at the XVI Scientific Conference” Clinical and technological challenges in milestone and reconstructive surgery, gunshot and domestic wounds, electric connection of living tissue, diabetic foot “!

Presentations were made by clinicians who treat soft tissue defects using cellular material prepared in biolaboratory of Medical Company ilaya.

Specifically, MD, chief combustiologists of Ukraine, Professor Georhii Kozynets spoke on “The use of cellular technology in the treatment of deep burns.”A PhD, Assistant Professor Department of Surgery of №2 O.O.Bogomolets NMU, surgeon Oleh Petrenko spoke on “The use of tissue-cell technology in the treatment of chronic wounds.”

Also the results of the use of biotechnology for the treatment of bone injuries were presented – report of orthopedic traumatologist, MD Volodymyr Oksymets “Application of cellular technology in treatment of the effects of combat limb injuries.”

Thank you all for the excellent organization of the event and the attention to health care innovations! And yet – Volunteers’ center “People’s Project” , due to which our social project became possible!