In 2016-2017 social project “Bank of skin. Treatment of burns”actively collaborated with the Department of Surgery №2 of the National Medical University n.a.  O.O. Bogomolets in order to help patients with vast soft tissue defects because of the wounds which continuously were not healing.

360 million cells were allocated for the treatment of 20 patients from  the Reserve of Bank of skin of Medical company ilaya. The treatment was carried out under the direction of MD, surgeon of the highest category Oleg Petrenko. According to him, all patients satisfactorily tolerated applications of dermal equivalent; swellings and pain have gone, exudation has stopped, ulcerations filled with scar tissue and have epithelized. The most prominent patient treatment outcomes with the use of dermal equivalent could be seen in the presentation slides.

Social project “Bank of the skin. Treatment of burns “was established in late 2014 in order to create a bank of cells for the treatment of deep tissue lesions using cellular technology, allowing quick and accurate recovery of a large area of skin. Permanent reserve of the Bank of skin is 5 billion cells that can be used to restore 50 m² skin in a short time.

Participants of the project- medical company ilaya, which provides storage and cultivation of cell material, Kyiv City Burn Center and Department of Surgery №2 of the National Medical University n.a.  O.O. Bogomolets, on the base of which the patients are treated and volunteers, and All-Ukrainian Center “People’s Project”, which provides fundraising required for the formation of bank of skin. The greatest patron of the project – Pharmaceutical firm “Darnitsa”, which donated to the project 800 000 UAH. In early 2015 the First Lady of Ukraine Maryna Poroshenko expressed support for the project and provided her personal patronage.

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